7. Autonomous Navigation

[DEPRECATED] Updated Version here.

7.1 Launch AMCL app

On the robot’s computer, open 2 new terminal windows.

Run bringup.launch:

roslaunch linorobot bringup.launch

Run navigate.launch:

roslaunch linorobot navigate.launch

On your development computer, run rviz:

rosrun rviz rviz

Once rviz is open, import navigate.rviz by clicking File > Config and choose ~/catkin_ws/src/lino_visualize/rviz/navigate.rviz. 

7.1 Set initial pose

  • To localize the robot, click “2D Post Estimate”.
  • Pinpoint on the map the approximate location of the robot and drag towards the robot’s heading.

7.2 Sending goals

  • After localizing, click “2D Nav Goal”.
  • Pinpoint  your desired  location on the map and drag towards the direction you want your robot to be heading at once it has reached its goal.